Athena Collection — Identity

The Athena Collection is a hand-picked collection of upmarket rental homes and apartments. It operates in London, Paris, Rome, The French Alps, Cote D’Azur, Mauritius, Santorini, The Maldives and Lisbon. The company provides a service to distinctive and upmarket home owners, enabling them to let out their home to guests while their home is unoccupied. 

The Athena Collection allows you to experience life in cities as your home owner does. Their style, personal touch and accoutrements remain and you receive local tips and discover hidden gems that only someone who has lived in a city would know of.

Our approach was to create an identity which reflects the eclectic, luxurious, discerning, and personal nature of this collection. In addition we wanted to feel distinctive in a growing market, and create something that would stand the test of time.

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Agency. Apropos
Design Direction. Bettina Winkler
Strategist. Alexios Seilopoulos
Client. Athena Advisors