Hojo — Identity

Hojo is an architecture and construction company based in Nara, Japan offering services primarily for private residences. In 2016, Hojo was celebrating their 80th anniversary year, so they wanted to be known as an even stronger and trusted brand built on heritage. As the family of HJ brands grow, they need to clarify the positioning of Hojo (architecture and construction for residential and retail) and HJ brands (lifestyle).  

Winkreative underwent a rebranding project which encompassed a brand audit, strategy, positioning and identity creation. The following concept was part of the initial identity presentation. The logo and marque reference the building blocks of architecture and have a traditional and clean japanese feel. 


Studio. Winkreative  
Creative Direction. Maurus Fraser
Design. Bettina Winkler, Ryuhei Nadaki
Client. Hojo Komuten