Macro Advisory Partners — Identity

Navigating complex global markets, geopolitics and policy for world-leading clientele, Macro Advisory Partners wanted to simplify their approach. Tasked with establishing a clear and more accessible brand identity, Winkreative focused on contextualizing MAP’s strategies and services. The first glimpse of their newfound identity is the new website – a crisp and contemporary one-page scroll navigation that is easy to explore, yet rich with information. Built with optional contextual panels that appear upon request, it enables readers to delve deeper into the more complex explanations. With MAP’s core values and principles at its forefront, it simply focuses on what they do and how they do it well.


Studio. Winkreative  
Creative Direction. Maurus Fraser
Design Director. Hank Park
Design Lead. Bettina Winkler  
Junior Designer. Matteo Pani
Digital Designer. Hayley Watchorn
Client. Macro Advisory Partners