Eastland — Identity

Eskimo was approached by QIC Global Real Estate to position a new vision for Eastland; not to simply build a place to shop; but to build a community. The creative platform was built around a idea of 'Coming Together'. By creating engaging experiences for an evolving urban community, the new Eastland will be a place where connections are formed and discoveries made. Eskimo created a graphic language which expressed the idea of 'Coming Together' by first looking at the wordmark. 
The central letters T and L perfectly align, representing the coming together of east and west. The letters could transform into framing brackets, a way to pull together the multifaceted offers that Eastland would bring to it's community. Textural, timeless and tailored, the monochrome suite of photography elevated Eastland to a luxury positioning for the local community to aspire to become – a beautifully curated fusion of inspirational design, fashion, and food that will redefine urban retail in Australia.


Studio. Eskimo
Creative Direction. Kasia Wydrowski
Design. Bettina Winkler, Julie De Paoli, Graziela Machado, Guilia Baldini
Art Direction. Keenan Motto
Photography. Stephen Ward
Client. QIC